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IECEx Training IECEx Ex000, Ex001, Ex002, Ex003, Ex004, Ex005 Ex006, Ex007, Ex008, Ex009 and Ex010 & EEHA Training

  • We, Ex zon provides IECEx training to workers installing, maintaining, testing, repairer and auditing electrical/instrument installation located in potentially explosive atmosphere
  • We was among the most experience and well accepted for IECEx Training in Asean, with more than 500 personals (Sabah/Sarawak Shell, Repsol, MMHE, THHE, Sinopec, Toyo, Technip, Siemens, Emerson, Krohne, Petronas, Punj Llyod, Hess, Petronas Iraq BV, Synthomer, Tri-systems and many more.
  • IECEx training will be on theoretical and practical workshop session
  • Ex knowledge/competency nowadays, become COMPULSORY for country such as Korea, Australia, some Europe Country, Singapore and etc.
  • Company that send their personnel on these IECEx course will ultimately find themselves conducting less rectification work, avoiding explosion of their plants/facilities, avoid fatality and etc. As the electrician, technician, supervisor, engineer, procurement, process and manager will understand the intricacies of working in hazardous area, and will avoid and identifies non conforming during selection of material, designing and installation.
  • Knowing the Do and Don’t in Explosive Atmosphere
  • All Ex equipments will correctly being installed, maintained, and inspected as per IEC60079 part 14, 17 and 19.
  • We also did have an Electronic Ex Dossier system for a routine visua/close/detailed inspection throughout the life of the plant.
  • We offered IECEx Training level IECEx Ex000, Ex001, Ex002, Ex003, Ex004, Ex005, Ex006, Ex007, Ex008, Ex009 and Ex010.
  • IECEx training can be conducted in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia or anywhere part in the world. We have a transportable Ex Bay for workshop practical.
  • For further IECEx training details on Ex zon’s course offering and customized, please contact us at (+6017 392 6118))
  • We did offer HRDF CLAIMABLE for registered company with HRDF
  • We do offer EEHA Training ( ring us up)

IECEx unit offered by IECEx

In short form, the IECEx units are
(in HA – Hazardous Area)

  • Ex 001 – Application of Basic Principles of
  • Ex 002 – Performance of Area Classification
  • Ex 003 – Installation of Equipment and Wiring Systems
  • Ex 004 – Maintenance of Equipment
  • Ex 005 – Overhaul and Repair of Equipment
  • Ex 006 – Testing of Installations and Equipment
  • Ex 007 – Performance of Visual and Close Inspections
  • Ex 008 – Performance of Detailed Inspections
  • Ex 009 – Design of Electrical Installations in Hazardous Atmospheres
  • Ex 010 – Performance of Audit Inspections

In short form, the IECEx units are
(in HA – Hazardous Area)

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